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blood on the pages:

The sideways heart

Blood on the Pages: The Sideways Heart is a compliation of poems compiled during a time of pain, transition, self love and growth. Che' La'Mora compiled these words during her journey through divorce and transitioning to single motherhood. It is her her hope to reach those seeking healing, closure and growth through adversity.

Naturally, as a creative spirit, Che' utilized her gifts to get through this hardship. She started painting, drawing, taking selfies, and journaling. With artwork created she decided to have her 2nd Solo artshow named (#Selfie) just months after finalizing her divorce; displaying the artwork that was created during her divorce process. She continued to explore and seek out literature with real emotions on how to deal with heartbreak while facing divorce. Che' did not find a book that really spoke to her, so she decided to write one. 

After the long anticipated release of Blood on the Pages: The Sideways Heart she decided to do a courageous photo shoot to further empower and encourage people to push through hardships and adverstiy no matter what life throws you. It was imperative that she connected with one of the industries best photographer, Keith Claytor of TimeFrozen. He is known for capturing weddings in action and documenting bliss and love with his lovely wife Chinenye. Che' put a twist on the traditional bridal shoot and wanted to show beauty and strength even after divorce and heartbreak. Below you will see pictues of Che' in her wedding dress, fierce with her boys in tow; displaying strength, courage, and beauty.

Publishing, writing, design, and cover art by Che' La'Mora​™

Photography by Keith Claytor -​

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